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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Project Overview

We are developing tools to support the full work flow of capturing, processing, and presenting high resolution zoomable images of macro and smaller subjects.

There are many existing instruments capable of image capture, from pocket cameras with a macro mode to manual optical microscopes, on to high end fully automated microscopes, and then to the upper ends with Scanning Electron Microscopes and more.

Some of these instruments have computer control of the microscope movement, which we can use to capture sets of images, other intruments are currently manual and we are creating kits and plans to let us automate capture.

Software and Workflow
The results from the image capture are a lot of images.  Sometimes a whole lot - thousands, even tens of thousands of images!  We are using and documenting multiple tools to help us automate the process of managing these images, and then stitching together 'focus stacks' of images, and then stitching together the resulting mosaic of focus stacked images.

Open Source
We are building on a rich tradition of work which other people have done, and we would be at a loss without that work!  So we are working to release as much as possible of our code and designs under open licenses so that other people can repeat and expand on our work.

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