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Saturday, September 25, 2010

MakerBot arrives

We are using the Arduino GCode interpreter from the RepRap and MakerBot projects for the Macro and Micro rigs which we are automating (Jay's microscope already had serial control of the stage, so it did not need that control).

GCode is a semi-standard language for CNC (computer numerical control) machines.  It is normally generated by software, but it is 'pretty simple' to use for simple things.  For example, this code:
G00 X1.2 Y2.3 Z-1.0

Will move the X, Y, and Z axis of the tool.  You can also do interpolated movement, and control the speed the tool moves, spindle speeds, feed rates, etc, etc.

I ordered a Maker Bot, which is a robot which makes things.  It moves an object in XY and Z, and spreads melted ABS plasic on the part, in he places it is supposed to be.

This has three great applications for us.  First we can build parts with the MakeBoT; Second: we gain fluency and fluidity in the area of XY and Z control and Third: MakerBot XYZ control is more or less the same thing as we need for our Macro and micro rigs.

So the MakerBot arrived, and step one was to mix all of the parts together in order to capture a Gigapan!

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